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Some things are too precious.

Hey you guys,

Sorry for being MIA in so many ways this semester. But I must mention one thing which I have not missed - one thing I have known all along and haven't been able to forget even with all the distractions and chaos and smells and sounds and explosions in this corner of the world... you people are my SOLEMATES. Which is to say, right from day one it seems we have all walked in the same pair of shoes.

It's as if back in January '09 our DNA was miraculously re-coded into one Januarian super helix which gives us the power to think the same thoughts anywhere in the world. And we are now the mighty Januarian Transformer! where each one of us contributes a special power and together we save the world solve all conflicts and pay off our loans in the process. Am I overstretching, I think not! What I'm really saying though is it's nice to be able to walk a mile in 23 peoples' shoes very comfortably, as if they were your own. And they don't smell at all, and they put a little spring in your step!

Anyhow I hope you get my little metaphor. Wish I was there to revel in it. Congratulations to everyone on completion, near completion, or like me nowhere near completion. I miss you all lots and hope to see everybody sometime this Spring.

Happy migrations to all and see you soon.

Big ups, lots of love.


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