28/06. Monday. Work.

Real Estate Financing Has Already Surpassed R$ 100 Billion
According to data from the Brazilian Central Bank (BC), the amount of credit directed to housing finance in the country has surpassed R$ 100 billion and grew 3.5% in May alone and 51.1% in the past 12 months. The specialists have different opinion when analyzing this scenario: some believe in a bubble in the long run, others do not.
Another ingredient to spice up the discussion is in regards to the banks. Real estate financing is the type of credit that has shown the fastest growth in every financial institution. One example is Bradesco bank, that grew 180% when comparing the first quarter of 2010 against 2009. The bank estimates that it will break the barrier of R$ 7 billion in December. In a competing bank Itau Unibanco, the real estate portfolio showed an increase of 41.7% when comparing the first quarter of both years. The institution projects to reach R$ 10 billion at the end of 2010.
One reason for banks to open their coffers to finance real estate is the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. The LTV measures the ratio of outstanding loan against the assessed value of the property financed. In most of the cases the ratio is around 60%. In 2005, Bradesco provided R$ 700 million in credit. In one month this year, it already put R$ 800 million in the market. Brazil is experiencing a unique moment in the history of mortgages. According to Claudio Borges, from Bradesco, the reasons are more flexible terms, lower interest rates and high employment and income.
The guarantee of the bank in Brazil is called the deed of trust, a type of agreement between the lender and the bank, in which the ownership of the property is given to the bank in case of default. Prior to that, the default was around 10%, and today it is 1.5%. The risk is lower. Brazilian families are using real estate financing more and more to buy their homes. A few years ago, they would rather save most of the resources to buy a home. Now, the tendency is to fund around 60% in value.

06.27 Sunday. Blargh.


06-25-10. Friday. Wal Mart.

Meeting canceled.
Game canceled. Brazil 0 x Portugal 0.

Long lunch. Delicious sesame tuna salad.

- communicate well.
- create a life story that makes sense.
- things change.

Didn't win the raffle.
Long conference call. Lots of information.
Ice cream cake. Coffee.
Meeting canceled.
Short bike, broken seat.
Hot day.
Issues at the gym.
Wal-Mart... Which was actually the highlight of my day. Strange - I hope there are no Hispanics reading this blog, but I must say that I saw more Mexicans in the store than in Playa del Carmen during spring break... And they would stop in the middle of the corridors for a long debate over what to do during the weekend. Or get into a serious argument with a boyfriend on the phone. And I never saw so many kids running around staring at me. And I promise I wasn't making funny faces. There was a couple that I still don't know their gender. And for some reason I was feeling inebriated in that environment and I ended up purchasing some strange items.
I just reread this post. I am getting boring.
Time to do my laundry.



Lunch and Learn activities are opportunities for the interns to learn about the company, get some words of wisdom from renowned professionals, interact with our fellow interns and do some thinking about future goals and career paths.

Today was the first one, scheduled to take place at a sports bar.  Little had our guest known that we would have reached the bar in the last 4 minutes of the apprehensive game of US and Algeria. Indeed, a great lunch.

The end of the night, nem mesmo na língua do Pê. Essa parte vai só para os amigos... Dicas abaixo. Mas garanto que não é nada do que vocês imaginarem... Beeeeeeem melhor. E muito mais engraçado.


Long, long, long day at work.
Many, many, many things to do.
Lots, lots, lots to read.
So much to learn.

Suddenly, for some reason, having two summer jobs and writing a pair of blogs seem a little overwhelming.

I think I am going to pick my classes for the fall. For some reason I love doing that.

21.06.10 Monday... Monday...

93.9 is the radio station I listen to...

...A random testimonial found on google:

"WKSL or "Kiss" 93.9 is the local soft rock station. They play inoffensive adult contemporary with a focus on the eighties R&B stuff like Prince and Janet Jackson, with some concessions to modern music like Nelly Furtado , Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake.

I'm often forced to listen to this station at work, and while it is owned by Clear Channel and therefore a thing of great evil, the occasional great song will sometimes come on and that can really justify the whole listening experience.

All in all, not my favorite station, but there are certainly worse out there."

I am not forced to listen to it.
But I do enjoy its repertoire of 7 songs.
And I can proudly say that I know all of the words and can sing along...

Sunday - Jun/20 - Vuvuzela

Ok, so the couch wasn't that comfy. And I am not used to eating so much meat anymore. And I probably shouldn't have had cachaça out of the bottle. And that shot of vodka at the W might have been unnecessary... but, back to our topic of the day: Vuvuzela.
A little inconvenient sometimes. But at other times, all we need.

Brazil x Ivory Coast: We lost Kaka. And half of Elano. Some lost their minds. Others their patience. We lost some faults. And lost respect. Some lost goals. But we didn't lose the match...


...the afternoon ended with a delightful skyline boat ride...

...and the weekend ended where it started.
Thanks to a tornado.

PS: I have a confession to make. I wrote a text message and decided to send it to someone and right after I pushed send I changed my mind so I had the great idea of removing the battery from my phone. If that ever crosses your mind, my friend, don't do that. The message went through, of course, and the address book on my Blackberry has mysteriously disappeared. At least now I won't send any unwanted messages. Nor will I talk to any of my friends. Unless someone can fix this for me?

Jun19. Sat. Beach.

I didn't know Chicago was such a huge city.
Or that it had a lake.
Nor that the lake looks like the ocean.

I didn't know that in Chicago there was a beach.
Or that it had sand.
Nor that it gets crowded with hot guys (and girls) on Saturdays.

But I did know that we were going to a barbecue in the afternoon.
And that it was organized by Brazilians.
So there would be plenty of meat and beer.

But I had forgotten how nice Brazilians are.
And that the party is only over when the last person leaves.
So it might last long hours...

And I had forgotten that these long hours are fun.
So we eat and drink and laugh and cry.
But leave with a smile and a hug.

And I keep forgetting that drunk people have the best ideas.
Such as making a wish at the Chicago River on the way home.
Or a 1am dive in the hot tub.


Lucija was one of the housemates in the House Of Ten. She is getting married tomorrow at 11h00am in Omaha, Nebraska, which, according to Wikipedia, is located in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 20 miles (30 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River. Vivi, Jordan, Matteo, Nick, Caroline, Lesley, Wolf, Adam and Jessamy are going to be there. I already have a beautiful summer dress and a lovely hat – the perfect outfit. I am leaving Raleigh at around 6pm, meeting Adam in Chicago at around 8pm and then flying to Omaha where Brendan and Matteo are going to be waiting for us at a bar! We have already made reservations at the hotel and I’ve just checked the weather, it couldn’t be better. Well, it could only be better, if there weren’t a tornado in Chicago.

Because then I wouldn’t have to wait three hours at the airport without knowing whether or not the connecting flight was also going to be delayed. I wouldn’t have to wait an extra hour sitting on the plane while the woman in front of me told her life story on the phone and the guy to my left yelled out his most interesting life accomplishments. Because then I wouldn’t have to watch a movie about the origin of lighting and thunders and wouldn’t have to wonder if the ones I was seeing outside the plane window would by any chance strike the plane. No, I wouldn’t have to fly around the storm that was devastating Chicago and take a detour to, coincidently, Omaha, Nebraska, since the plane couldn’t land at the O’Hare International Airport. And no, I wouldn’t land in Chicago at 1h00 am on Saturday to find out that the next available flight to Omaha was on Tuesday.

But if there were no tornado, then I wouldn’t have had the chance to see Adam tired and cranky, watching Dexter and talking about the Phish concert with a weird friend that he had just met at the airport. And I wouldn’t have had a chance to give him a hug and say goodbye as he closed his eyes and went into sleep mode in a not so comfortable bench at the airport where he decided to stay until 5am and try his luck at the standby list. And I wouldn’t have called Dunia, a friend of mine from Sao Paulo who is getting his MBA at HBS and had just landed in Chicago from a trip to Denver and is one of my guardian angels in this life. And I wouldn’t have found out that Pimenta and Roberta, two of the people I love the most in Sao Paulo but have been living in NY, would be landing in Chicago in the following morning. And if there hadn’t been a tornado, I wouldn’t have had a Stella at the windy patio of Dunia’s new apartment that overlooks the lake.

And the weekend would have been a lot different.


Quinta. 17/Junho. Port.

Garlic bread.
Love my house mate.

Wednesday. 06/16. CrabTree.

Victoria Secret.
the Gap.
Ann Taylor.
I love my job. 


Tuesday. Pê. 06.15.

Psim, PisPso PmesPmo, Pvou PesPcrePver Pna PlínPgua Pdo PPê. PCom PesPse PnePgóPciPo Pde
 PGooPgle PTransPlaPte Pa PmiPnha PviPda PparPtiPcuPlar PdeiPxou Pde PePxisPtir.
 PAPgoPra, Pem  PqualPquer PcanPto, Pde PcanPtoPnês Pà PrusPso,
PuPsuPáPrios PaPnôPniPmos PpoPdem Pse  PdePleiPtar Pcom PmiPnhas
PesPtoPrias. PBom, PesPta Pnão, PporPque PesPta Pé Psó PpaPra Pos
 PbraPsiPleiPros. PE Psó PpaPra PaPquePles Pque PfaPlam Pa PlínPgua
Pdo PPê. PE, Pque PaPlém Pde  PtuPdo, Ptem PpaPciPênPcia PpaPra
PdePciPfrar Po Pque PesPtá PesPcriPto. PClaPro Pque PuPma
 PsoPluPção PsePriPa PcoPpiPar Po PtexPto PpaPra Po Pword Pe
PsimPplesPmenPte PsubsPtiPtuPir  PtoPdos Pos PPês Ppor P- Pe PtenPtar
 PaPdiPviPnhar PonPde PfiPcou PfalPtanPdo Pum PPê.
 PEnPquanPto Po PleiPtor PquePriPdo PrePsolPve Pse Pvai
Pler Pou Pnão Pe Pqual Po PproPcePdiPmenPto Pa Pser PaPdoPtaPdo, Peu
PconPtiPnuPo PaPbuPsanPdo Pdo PtePclaPdo Pe PgasPtanPdo Pa
PtePcla PPê. PTamPbém PpenPsei Pem PuPsar PgíPriPa, PsaPbe, PesPcrePver Pum
 Ppost Pcom PpaPlaPvras PtéPcPniPcas Pque Po PgooPgle
PdesPcoPnhePce. PMas PaPí PlemPbrei Pque
 Peu PtamPbém Pas PdesPcoPnhePço.

PEnPfim, PaPté Pjá esqueci o que eu ia contar.

Back to English.

Last night we had Kelli's Stromboli at Scott's house. Soooooooooooooo delicious! I loved it! I can't believe I had never had it before. It looked something like that:

Following our fantastic dinner, I had to go on a veeeeeeeeery important mission. I went to Cary to feed a friend's friend's cat who it turned out not having the need of being fed. At least now I know another town: Cary, Kika; Kika, Cary. Encantada. The drive was nice. Back  home, I couldn't go in because I didn't have the key. Surprising how things like that keep happening with such recurrence in my life - no matter how old and wise I get, certain things I just never learn.


June 15. Monday. Cotidiano.

Fun facts of my daily life.

The house where I live is three storeys high. My room is upstairs and has an adjacent bathroom. It is located in the part of the house that overlooks the street and it has two large windows. I have lived with a serious dilemma these days. If I pee with the bathroom door open, leaving the shutters open and if someone walks on the street looking up, will they be able to see me sitting on the toilet?

As I mentioned before, the gym where I work out has a tanning bed. In fact, it has two different models, one in which the person lies down, another in which the user stands up. The second model is more powerful, so that is the one I use. The maximum I can stay there is 10 minutes. The only mandatory item is a pair of safety goggles. Usually I go into the machine, close the door and stand there as the lights and the fan go on, thinking about life, dancing, shaking my butt... but I have a thought that won't get out of my head: What do people do when they're there?


Sunday. June. 13.

Valentine's Day. June/12. Sat.

In Brazil, Valentine's Day is called "Dia dos Namorados" (lit. "Day of the Enamored", or "Boyfriends'/Girlfriends' Day") and is celebrated on June 12, when couples exchange gifts, chocolates, cards and flower bouquets. This day was chosen probably because it is the day before the "Festa junina" (Saint Anthony's day), known there as the marriage saint, when traditionally many single women perform popular rituals, called simpatias, in order to find a good husband or boyfriend.
The February 14's Valentine's Day is not celebrated at all, mainly for cultural and commercial reasons, since it usually falls too little before or after Carnival, a major floating holiday in Brazil that can fall anywhere from early February to early March. (Wikipedia)




June-11. Ice cream. Friday.

Raleigh is actually in Brazil. Fact #3: Hot and Humid. Just like home. I am back in the rainforest. 
And I must confess that I keep a jacket in the office.
And sleep under a huge comforter.
Exactly the way I like it...


Having technical problems with the remote control. Some things are soooooo complicated... Fact #4.

06.10.10 Thursday. Post-Hump Day.







And fun night with Kathleen and Kelli!

Wed. June 9th. Hump Day.

Happy Hump Day!

"You can call Lynnwood Grill "comfortable excitement.” It’s the kind of place where people know your name... and the bartenders know what you're drinking.
Located beside the Raleigh Grande Theatre, this locally owned bar and grill is the perfect place to grab a bite before or after the movie. It’s also a cozy place to meet friends for drinks, watch a game, or listen to live music. When the weather is nice, enjoy drinking and dining on the outdoor patio.
The Lynnwood Grill staff brings a dedication to outstanding quality, service and, most importantly, a fun time. With fifteen select beers on tap, along with a full bar and wine list, you will be happy with whatever you choose!
The Lynnwood Grill is where you can be yourself... have some great food and drinks... and have a fantastic time!"

A great place to go after work. Even better when your friends decide to play Never Have I Ever...


08/06/10. Tuesday. Items.

Things that I need:
- a lock for the bike.
- a backpack.
So my bike doesn't get stolen and I don't lose my balance when holding on to three different bags.
- a local ID.
So the bouncers don't ask me where I come from.
- a driver's license.
So I can go anywhere at anytime.
Oh, wait, but then what am I going to do with the bike?


Monday... June 7. Doggie.

I forgot to tell you. I have a dog. Ok, ok, it is not mine. So, no, I don't have a dog. But I live with a dog! She is sooooooooooooo cute and sooooooo quiet. And she is really smart! She only pees outside, she takes herself to bed, she eats when it is time for dinner... Very independent.

That is Bailey:

Raleigh is actually in Brazil. Fact #2.
After work some people went to Margaux's Restaurant to celebrate one of our co-workers birthday. I tried not to go, but the last person to leave the office made sure that I had a ride. Following some food and drinks, another co-worker that was going to the opposite direction, took me home. And when I mentioned that I would get off at the grocery store and then walk home, she said she would keep me company and then take me home. Southerners are indeed nice.


06.06.10 Sunday. Bike.

Accomplishments of the day:

8h00. Dog out to pee.
8h04. Back to bed.
10h30. One hour walk in the sun.
11h24. One purple bike.
12h10. 2 hours sun bathing by the pond behind our house...  conversations with a few ducks and turtles. Sooooo cute.
16h09. Taxi ride to the mall.
18h... one dress... one top... one chocolate cheesecake... one diet coke.
20h00. Three hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (this is a secret, don't tell my mom).

Raleigh is actually in Brazil. Fact #1.
Stores have salespeople that ask "Hi, how can I help you? Is everything alright?" as soon as customers walk in. Then they help the customers find the perfect outfit, give their opinion, tell them what looks good and what looks bad.


06/05/10. Sunny Saturday.

(hahahahahahaha, I knew I had this wrong... let's try it again). Chrissy went to Fletcher with me. Her mom lives in the Outer Banks with her boyfriend, who has a daughter, named Grace. Grace lives in Raleigh and has two adorable kids, Sophia (below) and Bella (three months old). It is with them that I had a lovely brunch this morning.

S. has a sister, named S. K has a friend, named K. It is with them, that I spent a hot afternoon by the pool.

I have several managers at my summer job. One of them is Dao. She has a husband that has been to Brazil many times. And they have an adorable teenage son. It is with them that I had a delicious dinner.

Saudade da minha irmã.

June/04. TGIF. Yup...

Had a huge burrito with my cool manager for lunch. Had a long meeting and went over our summer project. Had a stomach ache during the whole day. Had to leave work at 5h00. Went for a nice walk with my lovely roomie around the green neighborhood. Went to a lively rooftop for some smelly beer and delicious cheese sticks. Had 1/2 a cold beer at home. Had to go to my comfy bed.


06/03. Thu. Loooooooong night.

Ladies, ladies, ladies... Today at the gym there was a guy that looked like that:

Yup, I know.
But, oddly, I couldn't stop laughing because he was graciously dancing like that:

Soon after that, I learned some pretty useful things with the girls.
Life in the south can be pretty interesting.

How to Muffle a Fart

  1. 1
    Sit down immediately. When you first feel the urge to fart, find the softest, cushiest couch and sit your bottom down. If the fart noises ends up being loud, the cushion will do a lot to muffle it.

  2. Step2
    Lean to one side inconspicuously. You only need to lean enough that you have your weight on one butt cheek. Then, scoot yourself so that when you put your other butt cheek down on the couch, the two are slightly spread apart from one another. When your cheeks are spread, the sound that comes out will only be air. Tight butt cheeks makes for a louder, higher sounding fart.

  3. Step3
    Go outside. Sometimes there is literally no soft place to sit. In this case, your best option is to go outside, or travel to a room with extremely high ceilings. Gymnasiums and galleries work great. The openness will muffle your fart so that even someone right next to you may not hear.

  4. Step4
    Surround yourself with a lot of people. This accomplishes two tasks. First, lots of people usually equals a lot of noise to muffle a fart. Also, if there are a lot of people, a fart sound could sound like it is coming from anyone. People may not know it was you.

  5. Step5
    Let the fart come out. Don't hold it back, this could make it squeak on the way out. Don't force your fart to come either. This could also be a disaster.


Wed. 06/02. Animals.

Intern orientation with four other interns.

1 hr of kick-boxing.
10 min of tanning!
30 min personal trainer.

On the way home, I saw two cute little things that I hadn't seen in years!!
Well, hmmm, actually one of them is not so cute, but rather cool

If I stay long enough in the tanning bed will my hair get lighter?

June 1st. Tuesday. Kelli and Kathleen.

"That girl is so ugly she hit every branch on the way down from the ugly tree."

Learning southern English.