Sunday - Jun/20 - Vuvuzela

Ok, so the couch wasn't that comfy. And I am not used to eating so much meat anymore. And I probably shouldn't have had cachaça out of the bottle. And that shot of vodka at the W might have been unnecessary... but, back to our topic of the day: Vuvuzela.
A little inconvenient sometimes. But at other times, all we need.

Brazil x Ivory Coast: We lost Kaka. And half of Elano. Some lost their minds. Others their patience. We lost some faults. And lost respect. Some lost goals. But we didn't lose the match...


...the afternoon ended with a delightful skyline boat ride...

...and the weekend ended where it started.
Thanks to a tornado.

PS: I have a confession to make. I wrote a text message and decided to send it to someone and right after I pushed send I changed my mind so I had the great idea of removing the battery from my phone. If that ever crosses your mind, my friend, don't do that. The message went through, of course, and the address book on my Blackberry has mysteriously disappeared. At least now I won't send any unwanted messages. Nor will I talk to any of my friends. Unless someone can fix this for me?

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