Jun19. Sat. Beach.

I didn't know Chicago was such a huge city.
Or that it had a lake.
Nor that the lake looks like the ocean.

I didn't know that in Chicago there was a beach.
Or that it had sand.
Nor that it gets crowded with hot guys (and girls) on Saturdays.

But I did know that we were going to a barbecue in the afternoon.
And that it was organized by Brazilians.
So there would be plenty of meat and beer.

But I had forgotten how nice Brazilians are.
And that the party is only over when the last person leaves.
So it might last long hours...

And I had forgotten that these long hours are fun.
So we eat and drink and laugh and cry.
But leave with a smile and a hug.

And I keep forgetting that drunk people have the best ideas.
Such as making a wish at the Chicago River on the way home.
Or a 1am dive in the hot tub.


  1. crazy weekend!! I loved it! Wish wish wish

  2. Emily H11:39 AM

    Great posts Kika. Could be a poem.

  3. Em!!! Hope all is well with you!!! xoxox