Tuesday. Pê. 06.15.

Psim, PisPso PmesPmo, Pvou PesPcrePver Pna PlínPgua Pdo PPê. PCom PesPse PnePgóPciPo Pde
 PGooPgle PTransPlaPte Pa PmiPnha PviPda PparPtiPcuPlar PdeiPxou Pde PePxisPtir.
 PAPgoPra, Pem  PqualPquer PcanPto, Pde PcanPtoPnês Pà PrusPso,
PuPsuPáPrios PaPnôPniPmos PpoPdem Pse  PdePleiPtar Pcom PmiPnhas
PesPtoPrias. PBom, PesPta Pnão, PporPque PesPta Pé Psó PpaPra Pos
 PbraPsiPleiPros. PE Psó PpaPra PaPquePles Pque PfaPlam Pa PlínPgua
Pdo PPê. PE, Pque PaPlém Pde  PtuPdo, Ptem PpaPciPênPcia PpaPra
PdePciPfrar Po Pque PesPtá PesPcriPto. PClaPro Pque PuPma
 PsoPluPção PsePriPa PcoPpiPar Po PtexPto PpaPra Po Pword Pe
PsimPplesPmenPte PsubsPtiPtuPir  PtoPdos Pos PPês Ppor P- Pe PtenPtar
 PaPdiPviPnhar PonPde PfiPcou PfalPtanPdo Pum PPê.
 PEnPquanPto Po PleiPtor PquePriPdo PrePsolPve Pse Pvai
Pler Pou Pnão Pe Pqual Po PproPcePdiPmenPto Pa Pser PaPdoPtaPdo, Peu
PconPtiPnuPo PaPbuPsanPdo Pdo PtePclaPdo Pe PgasPtanPdo Pa
PtePcla PPê. PTamPbém PpenPsei Pem PuPsar PgíPriPa, PsaPbe, PesPcrePver Pum
 Ppost Pcom PpaPlaPvras PtéPcPniPcas Pque Po PgooPgle
PdesPcoPnhePce. PMas PaPí PlemPbrei Pque
 Peu PtamPbém Pas PdesPcoPnhePço.

PEnPfim, PaPté Pjá esqueci o que eu ia contar.

Back to English.

Last night we had Kelli's Stromboli at Scott's house. Soooooooooooooo delicious! I loved it! I can't believe I had never had it before. It looked something like that:

Following our fantastic dinner, I had to go on a veeeeeeeeery important mission. I went to Cary to feed a friend's friend's cat who it turned out not having the need of being fed. At least now I know another town: Cary, Kika; Kika, Cary. Encantada. The drive was nice. Back  home, I couldn't go in because I didn't have the key. Surprising how things like that keep happening with such recurrence in my life - no matter how old and wise I get, certain things I just never learn.


  1. Kika how long did it take you to write this? I actually read it- it was good exercice in Portuguese. Your blog is hilarious by the way. Hope you're having a great time in Raleigh!

  2. Isaaaaaaa... not very long in fact... I wrote everything and then went back and added the Ps!!!
    Hope all is well with you!