June 15. Monday. Cotidiano.

Fun facts of my daily life.

The house where I live is three storeys high. My room is upstairs and has an adjacent bathroom. It is located in the part of the house that overlooks the street and it has two large windows. I have lived with a serious dilemma these days. If I pee with the bathroom door open, leaving the shutters open and if someone walks on the street looking up, will they be able to see me sitting on the toilet?

As I mentioned before, the gym where I work out has a tanning bed. In fact, it has two different models, one in which the person lies down, another in which the user stands up. The second model is more powerful, so that is the one I use. The maximum I can stay there is 10 minutes. The only mandatory item is a pair of safety goggles. Usually I go into the machine, close the door and stand there as the lights and the fan go on, thinking about life, dancing, shaking my butt... but I have a thought that won't get out of my head: What do people do when they're there?

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