06.06.10 Sunday. Bike.

Accomplishments of the day:

8h00. Dog out to pee.
8h04. Back to bed.
10h30. One hour walk in the sun.
11h24. One purple bike.
12h10. 2 hours sun bathing by the pond behind our house...  conversations with a few ducks and turtles. Sooooo cute.
16h09. Taxi ride to the mall.
18h... one dress... one top... one chocolate cheesecake... one diet coke.
20h00. Three hours of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (this is a secret, don't tell my mom).

Raleigh is actually in Brazil. Fact #1.
Stores have salespeople that ask "Hi, how can I help you? Is everything alright?" as soon as customers walk in. Then they help the customers find the perfect outfit, give their opinion, tell them what looks good and what looks bad.

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