06-25-10. Friday. Wal Mart.

Meeting canceled.
Game canceled. Brazil 0 x Portugal 0.

Long lunch. Delicious sesame tuna salad.

- communicate well.
- create a life story that makes sense.
- things change.

Didn't win the raffle.
Long conference call. Lots of information.
Ice cream cake. Coffee.
Meeting canceled.
Short bike, broken seat.
Hot day.
Issues at the gym.
Wal-Mart... Which was actually the highlight of my day. Strange - I hope there are no Hispanics reading this blog, but I must say that I saw more Mexicans in the store than in Playa del Carmen during spring break... And they would stop in the middle of the corridors for a long debate over what to do during the weekend. Or get into a serious argument with a boyfriend on the phone. And I never saw so many kids running around staring at me. And I promise I wasn't making funny faces. There was a couple that I still don't know their gender. And for some reason I was feeling inebriated in that environment and I ended up purchasing some strange items.
I just reread this post. I am getting boring.
Time to do my laundry.

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