Sexta. 24/07. Fortes em Jaipur.

There are 3 forts in Jaipur: Amber Fort, Jaigarh and Narhargarh. Each fort had their own special use.
  1. Amber Fort was used not only as a defense system from intruders but also served as main residence for the Kachawas rulers.
  2. Jaigarh was mainly used as a defense system against invaders and also held the famous Kachawas treasury.
  3. Naharagarh was mostly used as a residence by the Kachawas rulers, especially by the Maharanis during the hot summer months. It is located on a mountain top behind the City Palace of Jaipur. It is said that there was a secret passage between the Naharagarh and the City Palace so in case of attacks the maharaja and the royal family could escape to the fort(texto emprestado deste site, que tem fotos bonitas).

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