09/10. Nobel. Friday.

"I agree that the timing of the prize is a double-edged sword. If the prize is annual (or biennial), no doubt that if he had been nominated in the next event, the criticism would have been different (which is not to say that I agree with the theory that Obama has done nothing up until now: he has done a lot, but obviously only sees the ones who want to see it).

In his nomination, there is a very subtle political / economic interest in stabilizing or not a nation’s policy. A reward like this is not given to someone just because they are nice. There are lots of strategies and interests behind it.

Everything that the Americans and other people think about it has already been thought by the representatives in Oslo. And maybe this feeling is what they were aiming for.

We must agree that this award is "strangely" precipitated. First, because it brings with it a sense of regret and dismantling of the previous policy adopted by Bush and his followers, it is an “anti-award” for them. And second because it inflates even more the egos of the ones who support Obama. The dust is still up in the air and suddenly comes a whirlwind like that. In this current scenario, anything can happen. There are many particles flying around and only time will tell where they land.

The best sentence so far, is Aristotle’s: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In this particular case, there is no doubt about it.

On the other hand, it is easy and boring when it is obvious. And the obvious does not guarantee media. There is lot to be thought of when making this decision. Think of the stock market, fox example. If it is downright bullish, hardly any news will reverse its behavior and mood - in real, it gives no importance to news in general. Now when it hits a resistance or a support, any major event will bring changes to it - and it is much more exciting and more impactful in the media. And "Obama's Market" has not yet gotten rid of its resistances or supports. So the time is right (speaking in terms of media)".

Por Walter Tabax, tio da Kika.

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