Conference. Otc.23. Friday.

Managing Political Risk; a Cross Sectoral Conference on Political Risk Measurement and Mitigation, organized by a group of talented and dedicated Fletcher students. A unique opportunity aimed at convening renowned professionals in four main areas: Energy & Resource Nationalism; Political Risk & Business Intelligence, Investment & Trade Finance in Conflict-Affected Countries; and Investment Guarantees & Political Risk Insurance.
Brightly lit by the colored leaves in the New England trees, the day starts early. Professionals, faculty and students are welcomed with a hot coffee and a warm smile. Neatly decorated tables anxiously await the panelists that will engage in lively discussions throughout the day. Around the room, the organizers of the conference make sure every detail is taken care of. In the first row, note takers stretch their fingers. In the back, ushers guide the guests and panelists to their designated seats. In the midst of tension, lots of smiles fill the room.
Dr. Louis T. Wells, Herbert F. Johnson Professor of International Management from the Harvard Business School cheerfully kicks the meeting off with the difficult task of defining Political Risk, or not, and exemplifying ways in which it can be created or avoided. In brief, Political Risk is basically “things government does that lower investors’ rate of return”. He sets the stage in an elegant way, and makes sure his players are ready for the show.
Taking advantage of the development in communication networks, the conference main points and discussions will be broadcast live through its blog and on Twitter(@politicalrisk with the hashtag #MPR2009), a medium that can be used for posing questions in case you are following it from afar. If you at the Conference, be sure to join the LinkedIn Group and keep in touch with professionals and students interested in this field.
A long day lies ahead and we are all looking forward to every minute of it. Come and join us.

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