Monday. 05/24. New home.

This is where I will be working this summer.
And below is how I found my new home. As a bonus, a great house mate.

From Craigslist:
I live in N. Raleigh in a 3 story, 2000sq ft, townhouse. Six Fork RD/Strickland Rd area right off of 540. About 15 min from downtown, or anything else in Raleigh. I live alone with my dog, who is very sweet. You would have your own bedroom with a private bath. Furnished or unfurnished! There is also a living area on the first floor, which includes a half bath, wet bar, and fireplace, but has nothing but a 27" TV. You are welcome to bring your on living furniture, if you would like your own private den.

About me: I am a outside sales professional, and work from home when I am not traveling during the day. (My office is joined with my bedroom.) I do not smoke, I am a social drinker, and I am typically busy with friends on the weekends. And my friends are almost as fun as me... :-) I love to hang out and entertain, and I tend to be very spontaneous. i.e. I can plan a successful gathering or outing very quickly.

Available immediately ~ through August. (Females only please)

Please see photos below- Picture #2: 2nd level, looking front to rear. Picture #3: is the kitchen, which is behind the wall where there TV is located, #4 is the available bedroom. 

image 1723008558-0image 1723008558-1
image 1723008558-2image 1723008558-3

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