In a Farm House in Central Square.

My time at Uno-Ocho-Cinco is over.
No more house of five.
Bye Jono, Conor, Althea, Dan.
No more silly things in Portuguese;
...personal 5-minute conversations;
...gossiping in the kitchen;
....it is the end of those extremely honest drunk talks.
Time to go.
The new home feels like a farmhouse.
The TV. The stereo. The carpets. The furniture. The fridge.
Everything has a life of its own. 
The water that splashes the bathtub is steaming hot.

From my bedroom window I see the sunset...
...and a lot of ice.
The rooms are ample.
It is warm. And bright.
Next door there is Ken, or Kevin.
A real geek, as he defines himself.
Two blocks away, a farmer's market.
A little further ahead, a 24-hour CVS.
and the T.

Exactly the way I like it.

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