Sun. Aug 15. Backyard.

Fui assistir Eat Pray Love.

Things that I didn't like about it:

  • There is a Brazilian guy that kisses his son on the lips. The son says that people might do that in Brazil, but that he was a little embarrassed. Honestly, I can't think of any guy friend that kisses his dad on the lips.
  • They speak Portuguese with an accent from Portugal (and they are supposed to be Brazilians??!!!).
  • In addition to that, they have a Spanish accent when they speak English: Brazilians don't say jellow (instead of yellow) or jou (instead of you). Seriously???
  • In the middle of the conversations in English, the Brazilians ask a question in Portuguese to the Americans!!! Tenha dó, né?? Ahhh, fala sério. Are they kidding me??
The director could have asked a native Brazilian to watch the movie and give him some feedback prior to its release. Nonetheless, I still cried and enjoyed the movie. It brought back some good memories about India, made me think about my Italian friend Tamara and made me want to leave the theater and buy a ticket to go to Bali.

Instead though, I ran to the book store, picked up a book on Buddhism and went to my happy place: Our Backyard.

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