Wed. Aug/11. 3i Brazil

A couple of friends and I are slowly making a dream come true. We are starting a company with the goal to intermediate, advise and facilitate a student’s access to Brazilian companies and academic institutions. This includes locating and facilitating admissions to schools and internship programs; deciding on an academic curriculum or work program; providing housing and all logistical solutions for transportation and housing. Below is a summary of the future company, called 3i Brazil:

Our interns come from top universities in the United States and Europe and include students of different nationalities, with ample language skills and diverse educational backgrounds. Their goal is to put their academic knowledge into practice and gain experience in the Brazilian market and culture.

Having an international intern is a chance to expose your local staff to talented English-speakers that analyze situations from different perspectives. Once the interns return to their universities and home countries, your company will gain international exposure and will become part of a network made up of talented professionals from all over the world.

Whether you represent a private company, an NGO, a law firm or a public company, we will find the perfect match for you. Your company can choose to host a full-time or part-time intern, according to your needs and expectations. Once you send us your request, we will match your needs with highly qualified individuals and provide you with resumes of potential interns that match your criteria. This is your opportunity to have a qualified intern working with you for a fraction of the cost of a consultant or an employee and promoting your company in the international sphere.

In addition to finding the ideal intern for your company, our staff provides the following consulting services:
  • Work plan structuring and implementation: we will assess your needs, have brief interview with employees from different areas to create a work plan for your intern, highlighting deliverable and timetables.
  •  Weekly meetings: we will hold weekly meetings with your interns to understand their goals and specific interests in the company and provide feedback for you from a neutral perspective so the program can be tailored according to the students previous knowledge and expected goals.
  • Intern evaluation: at the end of the program, we will reconvene with the student and evaluate the internship experience, to identify positive accomplishments and to address specific areas for improvement in the program to guarantee a better experience for all. To that end, we will also perform an assessment of your experience, goals achieved and items that need to be changed to take better advantage of future interns.

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