07.03. Sat. Filipa.

Some people come into our lives with a role to play. Some reveal their importance early in our relationship. Others take several months or even years to fulfill their mission. Some have a long and arduous work to finish and when our destinies cross, it is the beginning of a long walk side by side. Filipa is one of the latter, one of whom is here to stay.

The canceled flight on Friday delayed the arrival of this dear friend, who landed on southeastern ground early afternoon today. With a sweet smile and a lovely hand-wave, this sweet soul who came to brighten the weekend, was picked up at the airport.

The first hours of the afternoon were devoted to updates and gossips by the pool. The following couple of hours were dedicated to long chats and a walk to the supermarket. A two hour power nap ended the afternoon and our lovely evening started with a delicious southern BBQ at The Pit... Funny, I am still amazed at the hospitality of the waiters in North Carolina...

The final hours of the day were devoted to music, laughter, drinks and excellent company in a trendy nightclub in the city.

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