Wed. June 30. Mosaic.

I was feeling a little sad today.
Lonely, a little depressed, perhaps a little homesick.
Oddly, because I don't really have another home other than the one next to the lake.

But things happen at the right time.
And I keep forgetting that.

I left my kick-boxing class half hour before it was over. Wasn't feeling it.

And I grabbed my phone to hear a funny message from Kelli who had eaten a double chocolate cake or ice cream with triple chocolate sauce and little pieces of chocolate and chocolate topping. Bottom line, I had10 minutes to get ready. The night was just about to start.

And it started at Mosaic, a pub/restaurant with a very interesting Moroccan decoration, where we had a delicious dinner, some nice wine and listened to good music.

Then, it moved on to Ugly Monkey, a dive bar with not so good looking younger people and bizarre pieces of ornaments, where we had two horrible beers, tried to play pool and learned some dancing moves with our new friends.

And it ended at the famous Lynwood Grill, our neighborhood bar that has $2 beers and some of the best food ever.

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  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    vc ta fazendo kick???
    eu tb estou. Estou adorando, mas estou duro e não consigo dar o chute circular. Não consigo fazer esquiva, tenho tomado varios socos. Só q dou risada qdo apanho