07.17. Sat. ER

One of the fastest surgeries of my intensely-lived life.

7h30 Abraham takes me to the empty hospital. 8h00 I am taken into the OR which resembled ER, House and every other movie or series that takes place in a hospital. For a few minutes I was afraid they would cut the wrong finger, despite them having asked me 300 times if it was the left finger. For a couple of minutes I thought they would operate on my leg, despite them having asked me 300 times what my name was. Then I was sure that I would wake up in the middle of the surgery and would feel the pain and hear the Doctors saying that I was going to die or that my finger would never move again. And then I wondered if the woman who was giving me the anesthesia was in a gang and was trying to kill me, but she had a warm smile and a pink hat on. Then I was out. And then I was in the post-op room with my left finger wrapped in tons of gauze, barely able to remember everything that was being told to me. KJ was there to pick me up and she took me home where I slept most of the day, partially due to the anesthesia partially due to the painkiller.

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