July 8. Thu. Texting.

When in Raleigh, text.
Text if it is important.
Text if it is stupid.
Text if it is to say you love someone.
But text more if it is funny.
Text to start an argument.
And text to end a fight.
But text.
Text and laugh and text again.
Careful not to text the right message to the wrong person.
Or the wrong message to the right person.
Or even the wrong message to the wrong person.
But text.
Text when you wake up.
Text after you brush your teeth.
Text when driving to work.
But watch out for the pedestrians.
Text at work. A little less often.
Text at lunch, after lunch and on the way to the gym.
Don't text running. Or swimming.
But text weight lifting.
Text during dinner and over dessert.
Text. text. text.
Text and Facebook. Text and email.
Texting and calling is not yet possible.
Unless you have another phone.
Text to say good night.
Text to send a kiss.
Text to send a hug.
Text. and when you think you are done,
Text to make the other person smile.
Text to make them cry.
Text to make someone laugh.
Text to get texted.

But only in Raleigh.

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