Friday. 07/16. Friday.

And yes, the surgery is confirmed.

I have to be at the hospital tomorrow at 7h45.
And wait for two hours.
It should be over at 10h30.

Abraham is taking me there.
Kel is picking me up.

And I should sleep all day long.
and I am not allowed to move my hand for 10 days.
nor can I get it wet.

I am not worried about the pain.
it is a minor cut.
and they are just going to move my bones around.
and screw my phalange back in its regular place.

I am glad I am paying for health insurance.
Now I get to use it.

I confess I was a little scared when the nurse called to ask if I had any religious preferences.
Just in case I die.

Why do I have to take the nail polish off my toes??

Looking forward to the anesthesia.

Jon Kolkin, 77M, a hand orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Raleigh, NC, has trained surgeons in Vietnam and other international locales. He currently serves on the board of the American Orthopedic Society that oversees international mission projects, and he recently took a team to Moldova to work in an underserved area where his ancestors once lived.

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